IRIT Canada Inc. helps organizations improve and capitalize on the opportunities available through Process Control Transformation. Whether you are looking to monitor water usage, water level, soil conditions, greenhouse climate conditions, E. Coli bacteria levels in food and water, we have technology that will provide real-time data that is cost-effective, simple to install, and immediately integrates into your operations. We provide personalized service and customized packages for any operation and budget.



The Farming Community

Vegetable and Flora Greenhouses

Vineyards & Wineries

Fruit Orchards

Agriculture Fields

Cattle farm (Soil and Pasture) 




Parks – Irrigation Management

Water Services

Urban Forestry and New Developments

Green Roofs


Golf Courses

Landscaping & Irrigation Planners

Industrial Building Green Roofs

Cannabis Industry

Engineering Modeling

IRIT Canada's Service Commitment

We help the agriculture, public, and private sectors achieve efficiencies and realize major cost savings by monitoring and implementing IoT, LoRaWAN and Modbus communication-type protocols.

IRIT Canada commits to providing the following order of operations for each new project and customer:

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Our services are primarily offered in Canada, the Caribbean, and the USA