Public Sector


Decision makers can efficiently manage internal organization operations, minimizing labour costs and employee site visits, saving costs associated with driving city vehicles, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and receiving real-time field data before any action.

With the latest data and technology, IRIT Canada:

  • Provides water delivery sources for parks – irrigation water management
  • Recreation sites – monitoring water quality at swimming pools, fountains, dog drinking fountains, and water parks for kids 
  • Urban forestry – monitoring soil conditions for new plantations (this monitoring system will alert you when the plantations need watering/maintenance therefore decreasing the amount of staff oversight and site visits needed and ensure optimal growth)   
  • New development projects – landscaping, green roofs, and soil condition monitoring
  • Supply and install water level monitoring technology in critical catch basin locations, on streets and roads, with warning systems to prevent future flooding
  • Track and predict landslide conditions using wireless soil monitoring technology
  • Emergency shut-off system with customized report services (via SMS and emails)

Services that we offer include:

  • Irrigation management, water accumulation, and water meter reading
  • Monitoring and tracking ground temperature, salinity, and moisture
  • ETo and weather station measurement
  • Storm pond water level and water quality
  • Cemetery irrigation using our wireless soil moisture sensors technology
  • Fountain control, sanitary utility holes monitoring system
  • Roads and streets catch basin water level control
  • E. Coli water quality measurement 

Useful for the following departments:

  • Water services
  • Municipal and national parks
  • Urban forestry
  • Environment
  • Recreation
  • Roads
  • Community gardens
  • Cemeteries