Agricultural Sector

Farmers can manage and organize their farms’ operations efficiently minimizing labour costs.

IRIT Canada provides tools for:

  • Operating and monitoring water resources and irrigation
  • Tracking main water lines and lateral lines
  • Controlling irrigation operations
  • Fertilization
  • Soil conditions: temperature, salinity, and wetness
  • Planning employees’ work time
  • Field travel – reducing carbon tax
  • Monitoring drought and stagnation conditions by tracking actual weather conditions and collecting daily environment data

Here is a small sample of the solutions that IRIT Canada can help you with and support:

Agriculture Natural Disasters:

  • Collecting and storing data pre-disaster and post-disaster, which is beneficial information for an insurance claim as well as for research.
  • Seasonal and monthly reports are stored on a server at no additional cost and can be accessed at any time. 

Greenhouse Crops And Cannabis:

  • IRIT Canada tools help make agronomical budget decisions based on outdoor and indoor climate situations, supported by IoT data loggers control system.
  • There is an option for delivering Grow LED light sensors (a unique and new technology for greenhouses growers)  reducing energy consumption for cost-savings.
  • Monitoring water temperature, water quality, drip irrigation management, flush and drain water, and several other monitoring options like the E – coli bacteria detection in the food and irrigation industries. 

Fields, Orchards, and Wineries:

  • Monitoring frost conditions, weather station data collection, irrigation monitoring programs, leaks and burst detection, leaf wetness, soil moisture at the root level, and pest monitoring.